Nutribullet Compatible 32oz Extra Large Tall Cup fits 600w & 900w Models.

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Large cup for the nutribullet blender, great for large smoothies to share and even better for washing up afterwards compared to traditional blenders.

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Large Cup Container for Nutribullet 600/900w Magic Bullet.

The nutribullet set comes with both a large and small cup container to blend things in. The advantage of these is you can blend smaller amounts than what you would traditionally blend in a larger blender. It is also easier to remove and clean the cups after use. It is useful to have more of these if you want to individually mix a lot of different smoothies and don’t want to be cleaning between uses.


*Please note* – This large cup does not fit the original magic bullet blender but it does fit nutribullet blender, for the original magic bullet large cup container you need to buy from here. Not know what blender you have? It’s confusing with the different models, don’t worry just check out our compatibility guide here.

Instructions for replacing part

Remove original large cup container from your nutri bullet machine, buy new replacement large cup part for your blender and simply replace. There are no tools needed for replacing this part.


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